Component shelf pricing

Finally got around to setting prices for the component shelves.  Same price for the Classic (18″ wide) and 19 Series (20.75″ wide).

$174.95 for the 5″ tall
$184.95 for the 7.5″ tall
$204.95 for the 10″ tall
$214.95 for the 15″ tall

Price above is for red oak finished with Danish oil.  Solid wood frame and shelf lips with veneered multiply shelf.

T19 Component Shelf in 10" height
T19 Component Shelf in 10″ height

Shipping and handling for the Classic version is $19.90 for one plus $9.95 for each additional. S/H for the 19 Series is $25.00 for one plus $12.50 for each additional shelf.

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