There are two main product ranges; the Classic with a footprint 18″ wide by 13.75″ deep based on the original record rack and the T19 series designed to house larger audio/visual equipment with 19.25″ internal clearance width. The T19 range has a footprint of 20.75″ by 16″.

Currently the Classic features the record rack available in two heights, the regular 14″ and 15″ that accommodates most larger boxed sets. Note that the CD-180 2-drawer storage (shown below) may not be available.


The CD-180 (above) may no longer be available

T19 Component Shelf in 10" height
T19 Component Shelf in 10″ height

The T19 range comprises Component shelves (above) 5′, 7.5″, 10″ (shown) and 15″ heights plus equipment racks in 3 heights (5U, 8U and 16U) with mounting rails for components with rack-mount ears.

T19 Equipment Rack - 16U
T19 Equipment Rack – 16U