Ordering and Payment Options

As the fabled shopping cart system awaits implementation please use the contact form to list your requirements or for general inquiries. Orders are generally processed as ‘first come, first served’ based on the initial inquiry/order date and time (any quote, sales order and invoice uses this number format – YYMMDDHHMM).

Orders are invoiced a week to 10 days prior to shipping (that’s the plan, shipping can slip). Order value over $750 (excluding shipping) are invoiced at 50% with the balance due prior to shipping.

  • Payment via PayPal, check or money order
  • Debit/credit card payments may be made via PayPal without a PayPal account

Price List – Effective October.15.2016
All prices in US$ for red oak*

Classic Series – (18″ x 13.75″ footprint)
Per Item
Tribute Rack 12″ LP record Storage (1 rack) – 14″ tall

also available 15″ tall to better store larger boxed sets – add $10 (each)

Tribute Rack 12″ LP record storage (2 – 3 racks) 14″ tall 114.95
Tribute Rack 12″ LP record Storage (4 or more racks) 14″ tall 99.95
Tribute Rack top 99.95
Tribute Rack Double-Wide top 149.95
Tribute Rack base (1.5″) 89.95
Tribute Rack base Double-Wide (1.5″) 199.95
Tribute Rack base (2.5″) 104.95
Tribute Rack base Double-Wide (2.5″) 224.95
Tribute Rack dolly base w/original hard plastic wheels 119.95
Tribute Rack dolly base w/softer tires for hard surface floors 124.95
Tribute Rack Doublewide dolly base w/hard casters 259.95
Tribute Rack Doublewide dolly base w/softer tires for hard surface floors 264.95
Tribute Rack caster retrofit kit w/original hard plastic wheels – Ships for 10.95
Tribute Rack caster retrofit kit w/softer tires for wood floors – s/h 10.95
Soft tire caster kit inc. 4 casters to upgrade your dolly rack – s/h 10.95
Additional Tribute Rack stainless dividers – Free Shipping! 9.95
Tribute Rack Classic system shipping and handling except as noted above, $15.00 plus 10.95

Example – 4 racks would be 4 x $10.95 + $15.00 for a total s/h of $58.80

** S/H prices for lower US 48

Note: Double-wide items count as 2 shipping units ($21.90)

T19 Series s/h is more – contact us for more information

* Other hardwoods include, cherry, walnut and mahogany. Bamboo is also an option. Bamboo strips the same dimensions as the regular products, are cut from sheets of material layered similar to plywood but it has a much more pleasing pattern on the edges which will be left exposed.
Please call to discuss pricing for items made in alternate materials.
Mahogany, walnut and bamboo require a 50% deposit.  Cancellation prior to shipping forfeits 50% of the deposit.  Returns (other than damage, workmanship) on materials other than red oak and cherry incur a 50% restocking fee.
** Please call for shipping to destinations outside the continental USA. I’m happy to ship anywhere, US postal service has excellent rates to Europe and beyond and delivery is 2-3 days (puts me to shame).