End Of An Era (Sort of….)

Breaking news but don’t get too excited. Added a privacy policy as required and well overdue. Also added some photos of the shop – also well overdue…

For some time I have considered taking a break from producing the racks and accessories made famous by Per Madsen Design.

Originally the idea was to take a few months off. However, it became clear that may not be enough and at this point it is more than likely production shall not be resumed.

The decision to stop this roller-coaster did not come lightly. The last 5+ years have been far more demanding than I ever imagined. Not that that is a bad thing, there have been terrific highs along with the corresponding lows while in-between I had the opportunity to learn so much about manufacturing the racks, developing processes, maintaining machines and working with vendors along with the joy of getting to know so many individuals who, more often then not, became customers.

Corresponding with Per’s old customers and gaining new ones has been one of the most satisfying facets of my life – THANK YOU!

TwoCan HiFi is for sale and there has been interest but there are no firm plans to transfer ownership at this point.

Please use the contact form if you are still interested in the record racks, CD drawer units and accessories as there may be a new owner in the near future. And, who knows, if no one picks up the baton, maybe, just maybe, I shall restart production in the future.

Also use the contact form if you, or someone you know, might be interested in getting into an exciting niche business.

It’s Been A Blast – Thanks Again!

Visit the TwoCan HiFi website Gallery of Shop Photos (for the brave)