CD Storage Production

Production of the CD drawer units hangs in the balance at this point. The CD-180 had been outsourced to a local cabinetmaker, Ryan, who did an excellent job. Unfortunately their production tied up too many resources for too long and it was affecting production of the record racks etc.

Last May (2016) I took the decision to let Ryan takeover responsibility for the entire process. Anyone interested may use the TwoCan HiFi contact email and I will forward any orders to him.

As I am interested in knowing what the demand may be for the drawer units I will not post his contact information directly here although Ryan may also advertise the CD-180’s separately from TwoCan HiFi.

Prices for the CD-180s along with shipping and handling may be subject to change and I cannot quote either at this time.


  1. Roger Ray says:

    I have several items purchased from you and Mr. Madsen which I continue to use and appreciate.

    I dropped and broke a CD drawer. Can I buy a single replacement drawer?

    • adminjef says:

      Hi Roger, sorry to hear about the drawer.
      I sent an email earlier, so we should be bale to help you – Jef

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