Can The 8-Track be Far Behind

Hipsters are driving a resurgence in cassette tapes according to an article in Quartz.  Mind you, they have listed it under High Fidelity although the story focuses more on the coolness and how non-digital cassettes are.

I found that when listening to CD’s it is far too easy to get up and do something in parallel that the actual music did not get the attention it needed.  Conversely, a vinyl album side 12 to 20 minutes long demands your full attention or, at least, more critical listening.  I even wonder if more focused attention to the music subjectively enhances the perceived sound of vinyl (Heretic that I am).

I do not use a phone or other device to listen to music on the move but I do sign-in to Pandora or Slacker and find such services useful in hearing material that I may not choose to listen to.  I have a massive amount of MP3/4 music files in various quality levels that I spend more time organizing than listening to, then I get annoyed I wasted a couple of hours on the task.

No idea where I’m going with this, I should probably consider re-introducing Per Madsen’s cassette drawers.

Can hardly get my head around this is the end of January.

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